When harlan started in the roofing business back in the 1960’s he didn’t know he would be building a legacy for generations to come.f He was just a young man working hard to make a living.

“I started at age 15,” he recalls, “working part-time summers, vacations,weekends…” Harlan excelled at the work and before long had moved into a foreman’s position. His rise was interrupted by a stint in the Navy, but Harlan resumed his career afterwards and soon felt the urge to start his own business.

It was tough going for awhile. He solicited work door to door and worked out of the back of his Chevy Nova. His dedication paid off, and the new enterprise thrived. “I was running about a hundred guys at one point, he says, “doing a lot big new construction”.

The business went through several changes and moves, from the Los Angels area to its current location in Riverside. Harlan was looking at the long term. “We had two young boys,” he points out. “He decided he wanted to give them something to fall back on.” The result was Hull and Sons, with Cody and Kyle moving into key roles.

They’re now handling a big share of the business, along with other family members. It’s a natural fit. After all, they had an old pro to show them the ropes.

Experience. Integrity. Hard Work. Service.

Harlan Hull

CEO and Founder

Harlan began working in the roofing industry in the 1960's. Since then he has created a reputation for being the best of the best. Harlan's attention to detail and quality service is unsurpassed in the roofing industry. Just ask his clients past and present. -CEO and father to three boys who are now partners in the company. -Been in the roofing business for 48 years. -Born in Weatherford Texas but has lived in the same home in Chino for 37 years. -He enjoys golf, water skiing, Glamis and gardening.

Cody Hull

Commercial Sales Manager

Is the middle of three sons that works for Hull and Sons. He specializes in the commercial side of the company (providing the estimates), but that's not to say he didn't grow up installing the roofs. Being one of the owner's son's means he has participated in every part of the company. This includes residential installer, commercial installer, building permit technician and commercial estimator. -Has been involved in the roofing industry for 15 years. -Born and raised in Chino California. -Enjoys Glamis, hiking with his wife, mountain biking, skydiving, surfing and weight lifting.

Aaron Hurlbet

Residential Sales Specialist

Aaron is the eldest son at Hull and Sons. He specializes in the residential side of roofing and is a knowledgeable source of information regarding the hero program. -18 years of roofing experience -10 years of estimating experience -Born in orange, Ca. -Currently lives in Fontana, Ca.

Erik Eigenheis

Commercial Estimator

Eric is the newest addition to the Hull and Sons family. He is a childhood friend who was brought into the business as a greenhorn but has proven to be a quick learner and a great employee. He has a long background working general construction with his family, this gave him an upper hand when he was taught the roofing trade. He started 3 years ago as a commercial installer and was quickly promoted to estimator. -3 years of roofing experience. -Lives in Riverside California. -Enjoys Glamis, the river, the gun range and spending time with his family.

Leigh Hurlbet

Customer liaison

Leigh provides customer service and helps monitor the schedule. She has a Bachelors in Business Management and has a knack for keeping the office in tune with its I.T repairs. -Employed with Hull and Sons for 1 year. -Wife of Aaron Hurlbet. -Lives in Fontana California. -Enjoys camping, water skiing and spending time with her family and friends.

Dena Hull

CFO, Wife and Mother

Dena the CFO, wife of Harlan and the mother to all the sons who work for Hull and Sons Roofing. She is the one who keeps operations running as a well oiled machine. When Dena is not working in the office, she is a volunteer with her therapy dog (and sometimes bird dog) Roxy a black Labrador Retriever. -Has been involved in the roofing industry since the birth of her first son and the start of Hull and Sons Roofing. -Born in Whittier California and has lived in chino for 33 years. -Enjoys playing golf and spending time boating with my family.

Kyle Hull


Kyle Hull is the youngest of the brothers at Hull and Sons. He is the superintendent which involves managing four roofing crews, scheduling the jobs, ordering materials, and jobsite inspections. -Has been involved in the roofing industry for 12 years. -Born and raised in Chino. -Enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn girl, river trips and golfing.

Ron Cowan

Residential Sales Specialist.

Ron has been in the roofing industry for 30 years, 20 of those years have been spent with Hull and Sons. He specializes in the residential side of roofing and is great at helping the customer choose the right product for their home. -30 years of roofing experience. -Lives in Fallbrook California. -Enjoys spending time with his wife, four kids and eight grandkids. -Enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn girl, river trips and golfing.

Debbie Handcock

Office Manager

Debbie runs a tight ship, she’s in charge of daily operations in the office. If you need help, she’s the one to speak with. -Employed with Hull and Sons for 5 years. -Has been office manager for the past 2 years. -Lives in Claremont California. -Enjoys spending time at the beach, camping, watching movies, going out with friends and spending time with her family.