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The time to find out your roof has a problem is not when it is raining.

Hull and Sons Roofing

We are an independently family owned company with over 45 years of professional experience in the commercial, industrial and residential roofing industry. We also have a strong emphasis in dependability, customer-service and quality workmanship.  CALL US AT: 1-800-99-ROOFING.

Quality Repairs

We guarantee all of our repairs. Call when you first spot the problem or call us for a quality inspection. Like we say, “The time to find out you have a roofing problem is not when it is raining.”


The one thing we are skilled at is coming up with solutions and ideas that make your roof stronger and more efficient. The goal is always to keep you and your belongings safe while using the best and affordable products possible.


The design is always important. For both esthetics and reliability. We believe you cannot give up reliability and sustainability in the desire for good looks. You can have both.

Safety and Protection

Whether commercial, industrial or residential… your safety and protection come first. Simply put, a roof is protection from the elements and it is to keep you and your “stuff” safe from destruction. That is our guarantee.

” We are the experts in providing quality residential and commercial roofing solutions “

— Harlan Hull


Hull and Sons Roofing is a family owned business. Harlan Hull’s legacy began in the 1960’s. Since then, Harlan and Hull and Sons has been known for the quality work that is completed in a timely and efficient manner. Just ask his clients.

Harlan Hulls
CEO, Founder & Father

Kyle Hull
Residential Legend

Dena Hull
CFO, Wife & Mother

Debbie Hancock
Office Manager

Cody Hull
Commercial Sales

Ron Cowan
Site Manager

What can you expect from Hull and Sons Roofing?





Timely Delivery





The key to success for any company is TEAM WORK. Hull and Sons Roofing is an example of TEAM WORK. From all of our team members to the products we align with and use to complete our quality jobs. Here are just some of our partners in our quality work.

Are you looking for a new design or roofing solution?

Let Hull and Sons guide you in this process.

Signs of Leakage
From Damaged to Functional
Parts of a Residential Roof
The Hands of Experts
Strong, Durable and Beautiful
TPO Membrane and Repairs
Attention to Detail
Common Leak Points
The time is now. We can have an estimator respond to your location immediately. Hull and Sons offers free roof estimates for repairs and replacement.

Not Just a Roofing Company

When you become a client of Hull & Sons Roofing Company, you become apart of our company family. Our goal is to create a long term relationship. We are here for you for the life of your roof and your children’s roof… literally. We are looking forward to having you as part of the family.

Attention to Detail

Here is one example of some of our work. Cody shows the detail we find important during the process of making your stuff safe and protected from the elements.

Advanced Tools and Techniques

From the office to the roof all of our team members are trained to be the best. From new tools and techniques to the old tried and tested. Our goal is to always to you, your family and employees with a strong reliable roof. We have not been the most successful roofing company in the business for nothing.

Elegant Design

Are you building your dream house or have a dream for your existing house? Let Hull and Sons Roofing help you design a roof that matches your dream. With our many years of experience we have used every material and system available. We can assist you with both the material selection and the functionality.

Insured and Licensed

As you would expect, a top notch company. Hull and Sons Roofing is Insured and Licensed. All of our documentation is available upon request.

We have worked on some of the biggest roofs around!

Watch Cody on the Roof

Cody on the Roof is a video program that gives you the information you need to know about both residential and commercial roofing. We often “overlook” our roof because it is just one of those we expect to be there for us no matter where we are. But your roof should not be forgotten. We hope that by bringing this video program to you it will allow you to keep your roof in great condition and not a something you have to concern yourself with at a time when it is most inconvenient.


As we have said, once you are a client we are dedicated to you and your roof. Any roof will age and will sometimes be victim to the wear and tear of weather and weather conditions. Do not hesitate to call us to schedule an appointment for inspections and estimates. As a part of our company family will prioritize your appointment and be there for you.


Call or message us TODAY… do not wait. Our office personnel is standing by to give you quality service in a timely manner.



1 800 99-ROOFING


800-99-roofing /office@hullandsons.com

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